New Zealand II

Back to Lyttleton for some solo shows and busking, I went to Christchurch and did some Catastrophy tourism

We set up for our gig in the famous El Santo and had a good night of party there.

If you ever happen to go to Lyttleton, be sure to visit the El Santo and the Wunderbar.

Next Day we went to Greymouth, a town on the Westcoast, where it’s all about Chopping Wood

and mining.We played in a club called Frank’s Cafe The Misteryous Tape Man arrived with his surfing coffin and did a nice speed surf set.

We didn’t have too much people there, but the ones who were listening to it were quit into it and some

danced.We had a great dinner. And an encounter with a post warhol artist; Mr. Dylan.

In the morning we went off for Picton to catch our ferry to the northern island; the deal is that you play on the ferry and you get a free ride. See Delaney Davidson in action.

Aah yeah and when we arrived in Wanganui, the home of Stink Magnetic Records we locked the keys in the car; See Delaney in action:

I finally got to meet Boss Christ, a real charismatic guy… with a voice to crash a Building. A BBQ at Stink Magnetic’s home with a lot of nice folks, we had a little gig there.

Next Day we were off for Wellington, the capital of Newzealand. A place called the Mighty Mighty

We did A real nice show there.

Yeh folks thats it for now, four more shows to go.

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