New Zealand IV

Hi Folks, this is the last blog from NZ so far.
We had a good gig on the coromandel peninsula in colville, a little town with about 3 Houses.
I don’t know where all the people came from, but there were some, we had a smoke machine
some lights and we even got recorded. It was a byo drinks party and they made delicious hot dogs there.
There was a sign: NO GUMBOOTS OR STILETTOS ALLOWED, so we got in to our gumstilettos and started the show.

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New Zealand III

HeyHo Folks!The Mighty Mighty in Wellington is a pretty good Club,

get drunk and get layed, one of the main venues in NZ,

we played there two nights in a row and we even got the Bargirls dancing.

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New Zealand II

Back to Lyttleton for some solo shows and busking, I went to Christchurch and did some Catastrophy tourism
We set up for our gig in the famous El Santo and had a good night of party there.

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New Zealand I

Yeah Folks!

I arrived save and sound in Newzealand the 31. of December, met Delaney, and went to a party fornew years eve. It was just great, cool little hippie house near Lyttleton, near Christchurch. I met a bunch of nice people there and we danced to Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, all night long.

Then we got to work, Mr Jack Shit hits the Drums and Mr John Deere plays the Telecaster Guitar,within three sessions we set up a 50Min. Set.

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Tornado’s back from Italy

Tired but happy I’m back from Italy: Five shows in small, but great Clubs in the Northern Italy where it snows all 7 Years, and guess what, It did.
But the beer stayed cold, you gotta take it from the good side man.

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